Access 2018 Conference Day 2 Afternoon Sessions #AccessYMH

Integrating Digital Humanities Into the Web of Scholarship with SHARE: An Exploration of Requirements Joanne Paterson Today going to talk about SHARE, ways to use, integrating DH scholarship, emerging themes and initial thoughts. What is SHARE? Schema agnostic approach to aggregate diverse metadata. Community open source initiative. Scholars are doing various things, how can we bring all that together so we can see their body of work and things that are related? ARL initiative started in 2013. Aggregates metadata. Looks at research cycle and various outputs of research. To aggregate metadata, they put out a call to ask someone to help them build this, answered by Center for Open Science. (OSF - looks at research workflow, allows you to collaborate with others and share easily). OSF free and open project support, can work privately or publicly. SHARE - harvested datasets from wherever they're open, metadata about scholarly research - scholar's portal, figshare

Access Conference 2018 Day 1 Afternoon Sessions #AccessYHM

Data Migration to Open Journal System (OJS) Using R You Young Lee Worked with scholarly communication librarian to move from legacy system to OJS. Migration using R programming language. Wanted to migrate nursing journal Aporia. Internal system didn't support editor peer review, no user friendly interface to upload articles, typical workflow was to receive content and copy and paste metadata using templates and uploading to server. Since OJS is available, time to move on. Approximately 32 issues, didn't want to manually copy and paste. New issue will have updated location. Project goal: how to convert metadata in HTML into XML. Project tool and packages: Use Studio instead of R, provides console and editor, debugging tool and workspace management. Easy to manage datasets and scripts all in one place.  Rcrawler, data.table, dplyr, XML, stringr. Challenge 1: how download data from the website: crawler parses whole website and extracts all data with a single command line. HTM

Access 2018 Conference: Morning Sessions Day 1 #AccessYHM

Access 2018 Conference User Experience (UX) at McGill: Case Studies in Applied User Research Ekaterina Grguric User experience is primary role, also supports website and service design. Serves as consultant within library as well as with others doing user research in context of specific services, also trains on best research practices. UX as concept and methods are not new at McGill, because UX shares a toolkit with assessment, communications, etc. UX as operational and UX as project based. Notion of ongoing service improvement. Doesn't seek REB/IRB for most projects so can quickly set up usability. (REB doesn't inherently make something ethical, remember.) Toolbox model of UX - sum of many methods. Can ease, simplify, clarify, build consensus around an approach. Provide a check for assumptions we may or may not be aware of. Bringing UX doesn't have to be expensive. Not listed to before/after a project lifecycle, UX methodologies can be brought in at many stages. Trad

Access Conference 2018 Opening Keynote: Sheila Laroque #AccessYHM

Access Conference 2018 Opening Keynote Sheila Laroque My War Pony is a Prius: Truth and Reconciliation in Times of Technology Sacred rites in Catholicism; many Metis are raised Catholic. Focus on reconciliation (previously confession), a lot of thought and process, not just drive-through sin cleansing. Deeply reflect on what they have done and what they are going to do. Canadian government came to reconciliation through largest class action lawsuit in Canadian history - was not reconciliation freely started. In Catholicism, humans asking divine creator for forgiveness for our failings (which are inbuilt). In Canada, fried as two equal parties coming together again, but they've never been together, and have never been equal in power. Indigenous peoples are not a divine being inclined to forgive. if truth is required for reconciliation, truth is fundamental but may no the possible to get to. The TRC did not come out of nowhere, is a result of largest class action suit in Canadi

Discovery, Collaboration, and Dissemination: Lessons Learned and Plans for the Future #DHSI18

Discovery, Collaboration, and Dissemination: Lessons Learned and Plans for the Future Digital Humanities Summer Institute William R. Bowen Iter: Gateway to Middle Ages and the Renaissance . Just passed 20th anniversary, looking forward to 25th. Iter Bibliography, Community, and Press. Iter's mandate is online, Iter meaning a journey or path in Latin, not-for-profit, advancement of learning in study and teaching of Middle Ages and Renaissance through the development and distribution of online resources. Created 1995, incorporated 1997 as a nonprofit partnership. Academic society partners (CSRS, ISAS, MAA, MOISA, RSA, SCSC); projects (DHSI, ETCL, INKE, IRCPS), research centers (ACMRS, CRRS), faculty of information studies (Toronto), U of Toronto Libraries. Marriage of expertise in subject area with info studies and new technologies. Iter planning. Many planning exercises, collaboratories. Inital Steps, Following a Larger Vision: A Feature oriented Pilot Proposal (APril 2009). D

Last Day of #DHSI18

It's the last day of the Digital Humanities Summer Institute. This week I've learned a ton about e-lit from Dene Grigar, I've built a draft of an exhibit in Omeka , and am currently fooling around again with my Wordpress site (shh, don't tell Blogger). Last week, I was steeped in making decisions about data. It has been wonderful to flip things and be a student with my colleagues from all over the globe, and I can see how what I have learned will be applicable back home. Right now, though, I'm ready to go home, hug my dog, and go to bed.

Documenting Born Digital Creative and Scholarly Works for Access and Preservation [Day 2 a.m.]

Digital Humanities Summer Institute Workshop #2 Documenting Born Digital Creative and Scholarly Works for Access and Preservation Day 2 a.m. What can you walk away with in a week? What resources do you have to complete your vision (funding, skills, people, knowledge)? Where can you go for further help? What needs to be done for your project to count towards your academic output (RTP)? How do you document what you've done so it counts Barnett's Memory Machines .  Medieval Popular Culture - first time someone collected what the simple folk do, local catechisms, death records, reviving what was happening at ground level in continental Europe. Collecting current ephemera will be valuable to someone.  Virtuality and the Art of Exhibition by   Dziekan - online and physical exhibitions. Looks at teh notion of liveness. All digital objects are digital, but not all digital are virtual. Liveness/Virtuality has 3 characteristics: participatory, interactive, experiential (

"Indigeneity, Conceptualism, and the Borders of DH" by Jordan Abel

"Indigeneity, Conceptualism, and the Borders of DH" by Jordan Abel National identifications can be an indicator of which community/ies we are accountable to. But do not always account for plurality of indigenous existence. During Vancouver's year of reconciliation event, was one of several poets commissioned to write a poem for the event; work the poets engaged was meant to honor Chief Robert Joseph, who challenged his indigenous identity due to pronunciation. Does that mean he's less Niskaa(Sp?)? So many questions about how we define indigeneity. Accountable to intergenerational survivors of residental schools, dispossessed indigenous peoples who cant return to their peoples, urban indigeneity. Colonialism has had and continues to have serious impact, some of that legacy has been discussed, some of that legacy has been silenced.

Documenting Born Digital Creative and Scholarly Works for Access and Preservation [Day 1 p.m.]

Digital Humanities Summer Institute Workshop #2 Documenting Born Digital Creative and Scholarly Works for Access and Preservation Afternoon Day 1 Documenting the Experience of Early Digital Literature: Pathfinders In 90s, understood physical/material thing and ephemeral thing. Thought that digital is immaterial. Not good thinking. In 2002 W riting Machines  notion of digital work not being immaterial. Now we understand digital material has material component, bits rot, etc. Reading: Christyann See 3 types of preservation: emulation, migration, collection. She prefers emulation because is more elegant (she's an artist) - last thing a gallery want to do is show wires and plugs, that's the aesthetic of a traditional gallery. Having computers in a gallery space is counterproductive. Emulation makes sense for those who don't want to show the muck to the public, the bits and pieces that make things work. She doesnt like migration. Really hates collection which is not an e

Documenting Born Digital Creative and Scholarly Works for Access and Preservation [Day 1, a.m.]

Digital Humanities Summer Institute Workshop #2 Documenting Born Digital Creative and Scholarly Works for Access and Preservation Morning Day 1 By Dene Grigar and Nicholas Schiller Syllabus In STEAM - virtual game platform, can put your game up and sell it (Apple store for games), game sits ephemeral on site, do not own it physically. Beyond Eyes Game Tags you would use: third person/God view , game, multimedia, interactive, juvenile, non-violent, indiegames [independent developers], visual novel, visual storytelling, blindness, memory, No one path, how do you represent that in documentation? Walkthroughs try to do that. Limited There's no practical limit to describing things (used to be 3, as many as you could fit on a catalog card). Translation studies: translators betray the text no matter what they do kakamoron - a bad, stupid thing (doesn't capture the stupidity and the badness in the English translation. We are translating for a future audience we don't

Morning Workshop: Regular Expressions (Digital Humanities Summer Institute #DHSI18)

DHSI Morning Workshop: Regular Expressions by John Simpson Description:  Regular Expressions are a powerful tool for searching text to find patterns of characters. They are often used to extract postal codes, phone numbers, and emails from large sets of documents and when combined with a little bit of scripting they can turn tedious and error prone work done “by hand” into fast, effective, and automatic searching. In this workshop you will learn the basic syntax for regular expressions and deploy them to extract useful information in cases where doing it “by hand” would be tedious. Point browser to and to Text version of The Hunting of the Snark. Most of the workshop should be discussion dialog. Regex good for matching patterns of characters A PDF document in background is a lot of XML, lot fo stuff is not helpful, lots of XML vomit of individual lines, but can use to zoom in on a particular piece of text. Websit

DHSI Colloquium Day Conference (Digital Humanities Summer Institute) - Afternoon

Building, Analyzing, and Mapping Building the ArtTechne Database: New Directions in Digital Art History - Marieke Hendriksen ARTECHNE: Technique in the Arts, 1500-1950. What is technique in the arts? Concept of technique (technik) Google NGrams to track rise of term in relation to another term Aim - database - digitized searchable historical texts; linked open data to link to images and soundbites and dbs of chemical analysis of artworks; search and visualization tools; integrate orphan databases; serves broad community. Ex) database for pigments and paints on server on Planck Institute in Berlin, dead project, eventually will disappear.  Chhosing a data warehousing approach - Drupal (open, fast, multilingual); chose XML as format, bc W3C recommended and free; data warehousing approach; GettyIDs ARTECHNE ontology - enter texts, divide into records (chapter, paragraph, or recipe, persons/authors, translators, etc). Most sources now geographically indexed, timeline function is

DHSI Colloquium Day Conference (Digital Humanities Summer Institute) - Morning

People Documenting Online Lives This is Just to Say I have the in Your : Modernist Memes in an Era of Public Apology by Shawna Ross (Texas A&M) Humanities Commons - the paper is available there. Trigger warning - evocation of people who are known abusers, racists, harassers--not what they've done, but their apologies and what they sound like. William Carlos William "This is Just To Say" was meme-ed on Twitter, blew up in Nov 2017. Proliferation of mashups. Why did this one blow up? Why not his "So Much Depends" which is fewer characters? Why is the shortest story #babyshoes meme mashup with the plums is more popular than #babyshoes alone? Why the surge? Poem's accessibility. Lack of meter and rhyme scheme makes it easy to understand and replicate. Compulsive overeating subject is attractive. Desired consumables - happened between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Wheelbarrow is less seductive than plums. Also people can finally use line breaks in Twitt