Helping Otto (and I) Out

Hey, all. Those of you on Friendfeed have likely heard that while I was away interviewing at NC State, my Otto my basset hound was boarding at the animal hospital, and somehow his mild entropion (a turning in of the eyelids) got severe practically overnight. I just picked him up from the vet, and his eyes are ulcerated. They've scheduled the surgery for tomorrow which was, to say the least, horrifying and unexpected. Someone on FF (Kaia?) suggested CareCredit, which offers financing for medical type stuff, including vets - and happily, they have offered me a small credit line to use on the Ottopuss. Unhappily, it is nowhere near $1500. (Which is less than I thought the surgery for both his poor eyes would be, but is still beyond me by quite a bit).

So another bunch of awesome friendfeeders mentioned I could use tipjar or Paypal from the blog and let the beneficence of the webworld get showered on Otto's snooter. Thanks to Bobbi, there is now a PayPal button on the top left of this blog for the Save The Otto's Eyeballs Fund, for those of you who have a few extra pennies and were wondering where you should toss them.

I feel utterly ridiculous posting this on my librarian blog, but for those of you with pets - or those of you with children who remember how you felt about your pets before the kids came along - he is my sole companion. I lurv him more than anyone except my mom. If you understand and have some spare change, I'll beg on Otto's behalf. See the pic? how can I resist that face?

JMS had a great idea (because I felt like such a skeez asking for help) - whatever is donated to help out the Otto, I will donate an equal amount to the ASPCA (or we can take a vote for charities of choice for animals) once I make that moola back. So you're not just helping Otto, you're helping all of our furry pals. Dear JMS: you are an excellent idea-haver. And I love all of my friends for not thinking I'm ridiculous for getting teary over my pup.


Bobbi Newman said…
My pets are my babies! I totally understand! I'm so glad you got it to work. Hugs for you and Otto
Anonymous said…
You're so welcome! I hope that dear sweet dog is better soon. And I just consider it as a way to "pay it forward". An opportunity to help out someone I respect as a professional and a person who happens to love her dog as much as I love mine. Weep away!
Anonymous said…
Good for you for putting your pride aside for your dear friend (I know how hard that can be -- I'd probably rather walk over hot coals than ask for help). Adam and I love Bassets and I recently found out that my favorite Basset (there's even a picture of him in my book) passed away. I wish I could have done something to help him, but I'm very glad we can do a little something for Otto. What a face!

Hope the interview went well. I have my fingers crossed for you!!! :)
warmaiden said…
I cannot believe how you guys have come through for me - thank you so much. Just knowing that you all have such big hearts and were willing to help helped me fall asleep last night - with otto all curled up on me.

@Meredith - I'm so sorry to hear about your basset buddy passing! If you need bassetude in your life, Otto can lend it *grin* Again, thanks to all. I am about to post about how lovely my people are :)
Brandi Tuttle said…
i'd love to bask in the otto love! hugs and pennies to you both!
Allison said…
Aw, poor Otto moose. That face reminds me of when he was just a wee pup. I am sending a bit of money to your PayPal, from me and my favorite golden retriever Mikey. Please give Otto hugs and kisses.

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