Internet Librarian 2010: Transliteracy and Technology Fluency

Bobbi Newman.

Transliteracy ability to read write and interact across a range of platforms. A word encompassing what we talk about, focus away from the tools and putting it back on our patrons, which is what we need. There is a LITA interest group, a website, etc for learning more after the session. 2400 bc, papyrus scrolls, 1440, gutenberg press, 1986, encyc of america available on cd rom. 2001 ebooks. Kindle and iPhone in 2007. Changing how our users access information. Information overload mentioned about printing press in 1555.

People now sent online for info, health. Care, job apps, unemployment forms, taxes, etc. Fastest growing use of Facebook is seniors and women over 55. Basic life skill is now creating An unhackable password.basic instructions for new life not available anywhere. Unless you are connected to. Lifelong learning after school, how would you know. Access is becoming easier, while price is high, is decreasing, and wifi. Access needs to comma with skills and ability to use it well. School teaches us facts, but we can look that up now, it's not teaching critical thing skills. Gap. Exists now for students and people out of school who Ned to become active members of change society. How media manipulates, how advertising works on us, distinguish propaganda from facts, etc. Reading and writing is no longer good enough.

Transliteracy is not a destination. More fluid, always evolving, music, art, video, body language.

Knight commission: warning of second class citizens without ability to access and process information. Without access and skills, cannot participate, danger of new category of citizens. US ranks 15th in adoption with 65% adoption of broadband access. You don't need to actually do it, but id you wanted to, you need to think you have the ability.

If not libraries, then who? Some students don't learn these things in school. The only place in US anyone can go for free is libraries. We cant just be a container, but an access facilitator. If we don't shift our focus, we are failing our patrons.

We need to stop talking about the tools and arguing about it and focusing on meeting patron needs. The world is larger than the space you inhabit. We attending night now are very privileged, remember not everyone has movie phone or uses it the way you do. See Bobbi's blog for real world examples of what people are doing.

It is not easy.

Accept no excuses. THere's always an excuse for things you don't want to do.


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