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Kidz in the Hall Library

Let me preface this post by saying that I *love* to see children in libraries. It gives me hope that not all of the new generation will grow up to be illiterate idiots. Teaching children to learn to love libraries while young is something that lasts their entire lives. I encourage everyone to bring their children to a library regularly and grow their love of learning and adventure.
On the flip side, while we generally welcome children, we don't always welcome the absentee parenting that comes along with them. We are librarians, not social workers or daycare employees. We are not qualified to tend your children, other than to sit them down and provide storytime, craft-time, or some fun and games. While we welcome children of all ages, we do *not* welcome their behavioral problems, and for parents to expect the library to shut up and deal with whatever comes through the door - um, I think not. that's what I have security for.
"I'm tired of hearing from librarians who don&…

Cover Letter Meme

My first participation in a meme! In librarianchat via the LSW wiki, a few folks decided that, in the interests of helping new graduates (and to amuse ourselves), we'd dust off some old cover letters and post them, with advice. The wonderful Rikhei (who shares my last name, even, and thus is doubly cool) started the meme here. I decided to post the cover letter that got me my current, most-excellent job.
At 3 pages, I realize that this cover letter is far longer than what is usually prescribed. I received cover letter advice from one Professor Lisa O'Connor that recommended the strategy of bullet-pointing each requirement from the job ad and addressing it directly, so that's exactly what I did. I got over seven interviews for academic reference/instruction positions, and more than one offer, so while this length likely isn't the norm, it worked for me.
Cover Letter
I am interested in the position of Reference and Instruction Librarian at the University of Awesomeness. I…

Email Lists: A Dose of Common Sense

Let's chat, folks. I know there are tons of things in LibraryLand we could discuss, but for a moment, let's talk about e-mail lists. I know quite a few people (like Griffey) who think that email lists are the (outdated) devil. I happen to like receiving things in email because I haven't yet figured how to acceptably integrate feedreaders into my life, and I prefer conversations via e-mail than via the comment section of blogs, whcih I never remember to go back and check after I've left some inflammatory comment. Anyway, we can discuss fuddy-duddies like myself and our love of the e-mail later. We need to chat about lists, though. If you've been on the NEWLIB list lately, you likely know why.
Lists are good things, if only to keep yourself updated on conversations/arguments/discussion/resource lists that generally make the rounds when people query via email. Lists are very often archived somewhere for future reference, which is super-useful is you know that someon…