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She's Back!

Hey, y'all. How was your summer vacation? (That was a joke. I know librarians aren't on vacation during the summer. Don't hit me.)

It's been awhile. I feel like I'm slinking back onto your screen. Whatever, life is too short, I'm here and I hope you're glad to see me because I'm glad to be here. Consider me jazz-handsing back onto your screen.

It has been a big, long year already, and a crazy summer that started with co-presenting with my colleague Dr. Sohui Lee (our director of the Writing and Multiliteracy Center) at Computers in Writing in Findlay, Ohio, middled with a disaster of a move (home, not library), and ended with presenting at the Colloquium on Libraries and Service Learning up in Santa Clara, California. More about at least those summer bookends soon, since they're actually relevant to my librarianship.

Right now the big huge work-related thing that has me resuscitating Guardienne is that as of my return to campus August 14th this year…