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Coming Attractions!

After returning from Computers in Libraries 2012 (another successful year in DC) full of energy and ideas, I slammed immediately back into end-of-semester madness, and as we finish finals this week, our library enters the madness of once again preparing for an ILS migration. If all goes well in terms of the next release and functionality testing, we'll make the permanent move OCLC's WorldShare Management System and WorldCat Local this summer. And there's that little project of the new building that is coming along and set to open next summer, which will also have an impact on our activities this summer. And I managed to close out this semester, so this summer also brings with it my last 3 classes in the EdD program before I comp and move onto dissertation.

In any case, posts to expect in the next week or six:

- Brief recap of my experience at CiL 2012
- ILS migration thoughts
- ILL projects for the summer
- New building thoughts
- Thoughts on my worlds of librarian & g…