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God in my Throat is Available!

Exciting news! (Not really library-related, but it involves an ISBN. Close enough for government work.) God in my Throat, my first book of poems, is available from Bellowing Ark Press.
The short story is that it's a collection of persona poems from the perspective of Lilith, purported in some legends to be Adam's wife before Eve came along. I've slapped together a quickie website in my sloppy html with some basic info about the book, its artwork, and locales where I'll be reading.
A giant thank you to my library peeps (and to invisible internet people in geeral) for the generous and enthusiastic reception my announcements on Facebook, Twitter, and Friendfeed have received. My first ISBN is 978-0-944920-68-8. The book is available through the publisher's website, as a small press, the book will not be available on Amazon. (Support your small presses, folks! Well, as best we can, anyway, given the budget crises we're all facing.)
Anyway, I'm happy to share the o…