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Head West, Young Woman: I'm Joining Cal State Channel Islands in 2014!

Remember that post where I mentioned that I wanted to move back to instruction work? Well, it looks like I will have that opportunity.
As of July 1, 2014, I'll be an instruction and reference librarian on the tenure track with the team at the CSU Channel Islands Broome Library.
Let there be confetti and chair-dancing!
More exciting news: due to the ongoing UTC Library re-org, I will be joining the Instruction and Reference department here, and will be able to contribute in that capacity at UTC until the move in late June. I've desperately missed the classroom and reference work, so I'm thrilled to move into a more hands-on-instruction role.
Some brief notes about the experience at CI, which was vastly different than the other interviews (which followed standard academic scheduling):
CSU:CI had a very unique interview process. They bring every candidate for a faculty position to campus on one of two weekends, which means you get to mill about and talk to candidates from all acro…