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A Heartfelt Request

A heartfelt request to all of you budding young professionals out there on the job hunt:

Please do not use clip art in your resumes.

I am not sure for what sort of position that would be appropriate. I can't think of any, offhand. Unless it is original art you've digitized and are including as proof of your skillz, but that is not what I am seeing.

Seriously. No clip art. And no fonts that look like kindergartener handwriting.

I thought Comic Sans was the worst. You've proven me wrong. For real, people. The mind, it boggles. And my eyes, they burn.

Maximum Absorption, Slight Discomfort, Success Imminent

No, not a tampon commercial. I'm just talking about the past few weeks in Access & Delivery at the North Carolina State University Libraries. Over the summer, we closed our Media & Microform Center (MMC) due to budget cuts, which required reallocating staff into different positions and absorbing the service into the daily routines of the rest of Circulation. Moving the collections, documenting (and in some cases, rewriting) policies and procedures, and training the old/new staff member for their new roles in ADS has been time consuming, but ultimately rewarding. The time spent preparing for and dealing with the changes has paid off, and the service has been absorbed with minimal (but notable - and fixable) hitches.
Access & Delivery is also the new locale for all of the NCSU Libraries' technology lending, which used to reside in our Learning Commons. We were lucky enough to also get the previous staff member who helped manage the service to move into ADS. Unlike the…