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Crushing a Day

How I say BOOM to this day:
1. Two surprise student consults this morning because their professors told them to come see me specifically.
2. A professor just called in an emergency status, needs some research to support a major NIH grant, thought immediately of me. Yep, I can help with that. Due Thursday? No problem.
3. Finished and submitted a complicated "revise & resubmit" research article to one of the top journals in my field.
4. Chatted with a friend about researching grants for her business idea.
5. Made comments on a group report submitted by one of the groups of students in my experiential learning social justice class.
6. Had a phone call to clear up some things about the library leadership book manuscript.
7. Rejoined the local CSA - 12 biweekly deliveries of a giant box of farm fresh veggies. Back onto the Autoimmune Protocol.
8. Submitted a poetry book manuscript to a press
9. Already located some good sources for #2 - sent 5 articles to the faculty member
10. Bought …