Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Librarian After Hours

What does a librarian do after a long day of answering reference question, reading books and writing reviews, planning presentations, teaching classes, conducting some original research and pondering podcasting? I could give you the dull (but true) answer that I read. I read ravenously. (You would too, if what you read for reviewing were titled "The Beginning of Collegiate Education West of the Appalachians, 1795-1833: The Achievement of Dr. Charles Coffin of Greeneville College and East Tennessee College." No offense, Mr. Patrick.)

While that last title may prove fascinating, I approach what I deem my 'trashy reading' with far less apprehension, perhaps because the titles are shorter - or because no one's expecting a review, so they feel a bit less like homework. Pressfield's Gates of Fire, Byrne's new book of poetry Flammable Bird, and Catherine Coulter's Blindside (which I happen to be reading completely out of order, because I didn't realize it was a part of a series) are the current books du jour at le olde homestead this week. Coulter's is really the only easy read - the other two are actually pretty dense.

And of course, the very reason I go home in the first place, and cannot stay at the library all night long to get my book-groove on, Otto. Take a look at this face. Human kids I can take or leave, but furkids? I'm such a sucker for a furry headbutt to the knees upon arriving home.

Otto and I have an agreement - I will chase him whenever he grabs something he's not supposed to have (papertowels, tissues, dishtowels, water bottles, napkins) but will not kill him so long as he leaves my books slobber-and-tooth-mark free. He gets to drape all 55 lbs of himself across me when I decide to read, as a reminder that I am neglecting him shamefully. So far the agreement is working, and I have some excellent bruises to prove it.

Not as exciting as you all were probably hoping, but I am thinking about re-Netflixing myself to shake things up a bit. That, and next week I head off to Louisville for a bit, but shh...Otto doesn't know he's not going yet.

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PinkAndChocolateBrown said...

I miss me some Otto!