Returning from Residency

Just returned from Louisville late last night, and am recovering from a hugely intensive residency week. (Who knew being a writer could be so exhausting?)

In other news, I've had poems picked up by Poetry Midwest, Creekwalker, and just had another nabbed by Survivor's Review. (I also heard a tale at residency of a librarian who became such a good poet she was able to quit her job...) This, combined with the recent workshopping, my first public reading, and the work I have planned for next semester all have me raring to go, submitting manuscripts and wildly revising what I have already written. I'm even feeling kindly towards the editors that have, to date, rejected me. The ones who hand-write their rejections I consider actual fans. Yep, definitely a good place to be.

On the other hand, I am back at work (which I did miss), and working on deleting a backlog of emails, as well as planning a workshop I am to teach tomorrow on alerts. (You know, where you can have the database run your search and email you if there are any new results? Excellent stuff). I've fallen off of the Twitter planet, and am planning to return tomorrow (I am username: warmaiden if you care to add me). Mostly, I'm looking forward to picking up Otto from the vet and getting in some quality pooch and reading time.


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