The Guardienne's To-Do List

I am always better about getting things done when I write them down. And when I have some sort of accountability factor. Since I hate looking stupid, writing these here for public consumption will force me to get all my shit done. I am also attaching aspirational deadlines in cases where hard deadlines do not exist.

Book Chapter abstract: deadline 4/30. (That's not aspirational, that's fact, per editor)

Proposal for LI Cookbook: May 15. (Also not aspirational.)

ALA poster, "Academic Library 2.0: Self-Paced Guided Training for Faculty and Staff," for Annual: deadline 6/16.

Book Chapter: deadline 6/26. (Actual deadline is 6/30 per editor, but am leaving for ALA on the 26th.)

Scholarly Article 1 (full 1st draft): deadline 7/18.

Scholarly Article 2 (full 1st draft): deadline 8/1.

Scholarly Article 1 (final manuscript): deadline 8/22.

Scholarly Article 2 (final manuscript): deadline 9/5.

Of course, this doesn't take into account various library projects like developing a marketing plan to develop our upper-level library instruction program, generating some faboo podcasts. It doesn't account for the possibility that one of my three pitches for IL08 will likely be picked up (but hey, these lists are here for us to add items to, right?)Nor does it account for my MFA work, but I do that at home at night and on weekends, and I have been lucky enough to not bring too much library stuff home other than for the usual book reviewing and committee work stuff.

This doesn't look too bad, actually. But I've been freaking out, because I'm gone from 5/22 through 6/1 for my MFA residency, and then jetting out again for Anaheim not too long after that. And June's remaining weekends are sucked up by a visiting friend and then an out-of-state baby shower.

Pretty sad when an academic librarian looks forward to the beginning of Fall semester as a *break* from the summer! I do feel better for having these deadlines written out though. I now feel as though I've prioritized my junk and am ready to plow ahead. Tomorrow and this weekend will be spent dogging that chapter abstract and getting a chunk of the chapter, hopefully, outlined and introduced.

I am such a nerd. I *love* this, even as stressy as it makes me feel. The afterglow come September will be something...


Anonymous said…
Your poster session is on tech training? I will totally stop by.
Colleen said…
Yep - nothing too earth shattering, just our take on 2.0 training on zero budget. Definitely stop by & say hi!

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