David Copperfield Fail

I was just informed by a good friend of mine who loves her literature that when you type "David Copperfield" into Google, the first few results are the magician, and not the novel.

We are pretty certain this means that the end of civilization as we know it is imminent. How utterly depressing.


Betsy said…
David Copperfield will now make literacy disappear!

griffey said…
Umm. Why depressing? If you enter David Copperfield into Worldcat, the first result is a movie, not the novel.

Google is doing exactly the right thing in prioritizing the magician over the novel in search results. Many, many more people are interested in the magician, thus...first. Don't blame Google for that.
Colleen said…
@griffey - no, it's definitely not Google's fault. But the very fact that the populace is more familiar with Copperfield the magician than the literary work is what depresses me :) I do not blame Google for the fall of civilization - just for providing the window so I can see it happen more clearly.

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