Off to Internet Librarian

Okay, all, I'm off to Internet Librarian in the wee hours tomorrow. (Oops, that reminds me: must print flight schedule.) I am currently in scatterbrain mode and trying to remember everything from the office that I need to take with me. I'll likely go mostly dark while I'm there, since my cell only does regular old texting and no web shenanegans, and I don't like hauling my laptop around unless I have to. If you want to get ahold of me, you can call/text me.

Things have been crazy around here lately, what with a packed-full instruction schedule, various other librarywork goodness, some publication proposals that were accepted and need to be fully written, and coursework. happily, the MFA is between semesters until next Residency in November, so it's just the MA classes hounding me to death right now. (This may put me in danger of losing my academic-elitist, intellectual label, but I do so despise Heidegger, with all of my Being.) My desk looks like a library exploded on it, my apartment desperately needs a thorough cleaning, and Otto the Wunderhund is going to love doggy playtime while he's boarded because I've been too pooped to pop lately. That and some interesting career decisions (to be blogged soon, I swear) have all had me feeling like life is up in the air in a ridiculous fashion.

But, as ever, I love it. Librarianship as a career never lets me stagnate. I may be exhausted, but it's better than being bored. More from me as I'm able over the next few days, I'll be back in Chattanooga on Thursday the 23rd.


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