Farewell 2008

A fare-the-well to 2008. The past week has been hectic. Along with the move (the movers came today and my mom is now sitting at home in an empty apartment), my wallet with my entire life in it (including social security card, credit cards and cash to tide me over to next payday) was snatched on the eve of Christmas Eve. I'm slowly getting my identification back, bit by bit. After the initial freakout and extraordinary display of righteous anger, my mother (who is the anti-crisis) reminded me that she has a birth certificate for me, cards and ID can be replaced, and money is just money. I'm still stinging from it, but mom's right. In the scheme of things, a small annoyance, really.

Tomorrow I'll be driving to Raleigh, and I start the new job on Monday. In effect, I'm leaving behind reference and instruction for a bit and starting the new year getting back to my access roots at NC State. I will show up on Monday ready to rock and loaded for bear. I'm really looking forward to the challenge, as this is completely different from what I've been doing the past two or three years, with room for both extraordinary success and huge failure. Good thing I don't truck with failure, eh?

My new year's resolutions - usually, these are a way to express-guarantee that I will not accomplish said resolutions, but I'm taking a different approach this year. A low-stress realistic approach. My resolutions, in no particular order, for those who care:

  • I will continue the fitness path I started in May. I've been doing well about eating healthy and working out, and I feel healthier and stronger than I ever have. Having an outside physical activity helps keep me moderately sane when my mental and work life go haywire. I know it's not something "new" for the new year, but it's a good habit that I want to continue to cultivate.

  • I will hit the ground running at my new job and do my utmost best to be a Bearer of Awesome. It helps that I will be working with other Awesome Folk, and I will not hesitate to ask them for help or advice when I think I need it.

  • I will stick to my Excel budget and climb out of debt. I have a budget, and it is completely possible. I will do this.

  • I will finish my second book of poetry this year. (Not much of a resolution, since it's sort of required for the MFA, but I like to know there's something on the list I will definitely be able to cross off!)

  • Speaking of, this year I will finish my MFA. Not rain nor sleet nor driving wind nor blizzards nor a severe case of lazy-ass will prevent me from getting this degree, and I am excited. November 2009, y'all.

  • I will not let work compromise my mental health. I am at my best both at work and at home when I am clearheaded. There is nothing so dire - even at work - that a little deep breath and perspective can't keep under control.

  • I will write more letters (actual handwritten letters) and send them to my friends. I miss my friends, I love them, I do not tell them this enough, and email is cold and impersonal.

  • I will go to New York and see my family more often. Easier now that I'll be closer anyway, but hearing the holiday horrors from other people, and seeing my mom for the first time in a year and a half reminds me of how lucky I really am to have been born into *my* family, and I need to spend more time with them.

2009 will be a good year. I can feel it in my bones. I wish you all the merriest and safest of holidays - here's to 2009 being better than 2008.


techtwister said…
Hey Colleen and Otto (gotta include that little guy!) Congrats on the move and new job! I hope 2009 is a splendid year for you! Sorry to hear about the snatching. Perhaps someday you will write/compose an awesome and fitting retributional poem to that sad case of humanity!

Here's to friends and 2009!

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