More Degrees...

More from me soon (I have a couple of posts percolating but not the time to flesh them out yet). I did want to pop in and announce that I was just offered admission to NCSu's Graduate School in the MS in Technical Communication. In my application, I expressed my interest in specializing in Organizational Information Systems, since that seems most closely related to the actual work I do now that I'm back in Access - communication back and forth through the organization between IT about the catalog, technical services about processing workflows that hit us in Circ, and communicating with staff about not just our own workflows but about technical aspects of other things going on in the library that impact service. I'll be starting the program in Fall 2009 if I accept, which means it'll overlap my MFA by a few months, since I graduate with that in November.

I'm still waiting to hear back from the EdD in Higher Education Administration (also at NCSU) - if I don't get in, I'll default to the MSTC. if I do, well...choices, choices. Care to vote?


Bunheadky said…
Ok, I vote neither! :)

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