Three Years Out of the MLS

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly life moves. While talking (well, commenting within a Friendfeed thread) with a fellow librarypal, I noted that as of this month I am three years out of the MLS. My trajectory to date:

Colleen's Timeline

August 2004: Became third shift Circulation supervisor at the University of Kentucky's William T. Young Library.

January 2005: Entered UK's School of Library & Information Science.

August 2006: Received the MS in Library & Information Science from the University of Kentucky.

August/September 2006: Became second shift Reference supervisor (still parapro).

August 2007: Became reference and instruction librarian on the tenure track at Assistant Professor rank at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

January 2009: Became Associate Head of Access & Delivery Services at the North Carolina State University Libraries.

Looking at this surprises me for a number of reasons. First, I enjoy being a creature of habit. While I don't mind change at work, it takes me a very long time to settle into a place and a personal routine, so I don't like moving all that much. Which is interesting, since I do so darn much of it. Secondly, some of the jobs I've left to get where I am were jobs I genuinely enjoyed, and it was an even shoot as to whether I should leave or stay. It always surprises *me* when I make the decision to move on, since I consider myself someone who prefers to be static, but my friends usually assume I'm moving on, when given the choice.

Finally, it surprises me because while getting my MLS, my intent was to get a reference and instruction position, be good at it, keep it until I died or retired, and spend my free time working on other master's degrees for fun. It looks like I've strayed a bit in the career area, if not the further schooling area. I can't even say "Oops," as I'm enjoying the crazy rodeo that is ADS at NCSU.

I wonder what the next three years will look like...


Victoria said…
Colleen, growing up, I always considered myself to be a static person, too. However, once out of school, I've moved to several states and jumped around jobs...

Now, as Technology Manager for Mancos Public Library, this is the longest I've stayed with one job - and I actually bought a house!

I think it's great that you're not 'making' yourself stay tied to the image you had of yourself - it's a lot more fun that way!

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