Today's Nerd Moment Brought To You By: The Dual-Wielding Librarian

My invisible internet buddy Derrick mentioned on Friendfeed today that he loves being able to log into a library's database from home and have all that information at his fingertips.

It's true - such power for those who know it's there!

And to me, the best thing, the most fabbalous, the High Mount Holy of Nerd-dom (which I have visited once or twice, and is beautiful) - is when you leave one library to work at a new one, and your old place hasnt turned off your database access permissions yet, and you have *two* sets of library databases your inquiring little fingers can flip through.

It's like dual-wielding. The Horde falls before my vastly superior information access! Bliss for the inquiring mind! ACCESS SUPERPOWERS!!

Ahem. *straightens hair* As you were.


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