Happy Doctoral Candidate, at Your Service

After an hour and a half of nerve-wracking discussion with my comps committee last Thursday, doctoral comps went swimmingly, I was given a pass, and I am proud to announce that I'm now a doctoral candidate for the EdD in Learning and Leadership here at UTC!

There are four members of my doctoral committee, all have committed and now I just need to get them to sign the requisite Graduate School form. Dr. Ted Miller, my advisor for the past two years, has agreed to serve as my chair; Dr. David Rausch who coordinates the EdD program and specializes in leadership and organizational effectiveness theory is serving, Dr. Pamala Carter is serving as my methodologist, and Maureen Sullivan who serves as professor of practice and current ALA President is serving as my LIS subject expert. I have to get everyone's signatures on a graduate school form to make it Officially Official

And now, I'm working on drafting the dissertation prospectus and proposal, and am hoping to clear both those hurdles before Thanksgiving. A fellow student in the program who started with me in Fall 2010 is also my standing weekend studybuddy, and we've roped off Saturdays (as well as a few nights each week) to dedicate to dissertating. Our study-partner arrangement has really helped keep me on track (and has led us to some great co-authoring opportunities!), and to anyone else working on one of these degree-beasts, I highly recommend developing a strong relationship with someone on the same schedule as you.

And now for this week, we're going fully live with WMS, which means that my department will be cranking out some workflow documentation, contacting faculty about the new reserves system, and more. Exciting times!


looloolooweez said…
Congratulations! I'm so excited for you!
Anonymous said…
Congrats on reaching candidacy status!

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