Welcome Fall 2013!

Fall semester is here! We started off with a bang, and the Library was packed on Monday and Tuesday. Things have slowed down enough to allow us to breathe between to-dos (or pee; Monday and Tuesday that wasn't a guarantee at all), so I thought I'd pop in with an update.

We've hired the entirety of our Work Study student allocation; I believe the final tally is 28 new student members of the Library team (and that's only the Work Study folks!). The Library is in the throes of training them up and putting them to work on our service desks, in our stacks, on our scanners, and everywhere else we have work to do.

In Access Services, we've been running down two positions for a few months, I'm thrilled to report that we've hired an Evening Circulation Specialist, Mr. Elliott, and that our interviews for the Day Circ Supervisor position will be completed this week. *does the happy dance to appease the gods of staffing* In the past two months we've also acquired a new Outreach and Assessment Librarian and a new Digital Archivist, so our library is hopping with new energy.

In the next week or two we'll be frantically training our students. I also need to do a major ILL data dump and analysis (even after the regular stats that I've dropped behind on these past two weeks, I want to see what our state courier is looking like in terms of turnaround time compared to snail mail, but there's no easy way to grab that data). I also need to move offices to closer to the ILL unit (time to disband the many Piles of Stuff I've accumulated in the current space!). Then it's prepping for the arrival of the new circ supervisor and cataloging all the documentation that needs to be updated. In the meantime, other big projects like the new building and making decisions and recommendations about things like room reservation systems and service models are all ongoing.

You've got to love libraries - never a dull moment!


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