A Library Day in the Life: November 14, 2014

5:30am - Awoken from sleep study by technician. GRUMPY. Hair full of goop from electrodes.

6:00am - Picked up by husband, returned home.

6:30-7:10am - Showered, dressed, became some semblance of human.

7:15am-7:45am - Opened the library building with a walk around the floors, unlocking things.

7:45-7:55am - Conducted email triage.

7:57am - Emailed our Facilities liaison to ask for deodorizers in the urinals, on behalf of some grumpy menfolk.

8:00am-10:50am - Reference desk shift.

1 major research consult on the WonderBra vs the MiracleBra, the rest was all printing. Also completed IRB application #1, sent to research collaborator in COMM for review. Also typed and emailed minutes and action items from yesterday's Faculty Affairs committee meeting to committee members. Most productive reference desk shift ever.

10:50am - 11:35am - Peer review of teaching (sat in on a COMM/LIB 211 class)

11:40am-11:50am - I took my lunch salad out. With extreme prejudice. It did not taste like a burrito.

11:40am - Set up a meeting with our Director for Teaching & Learning Innovation for next week to put truth to quash some rumors.

11:52am - Wished I had a burrito.

11:55am - Emailed research collaborator for research project #2.

11:57 - Wished again for a burrito.

12:02 - Emailed IRB chair to confirm details about needed about Letter of Agreement.

12:20 - Finished draft of IRB application #2.

12:22pm - Emailed our own illustrious Matt Cook to talk about data repository possibilities.

1:17pm - Emailed the Provost some information to inform her letter of recommendation for my Immersion Program Track application.

1:32pm - Emailed all of the new tenure-track faculty (we're The 17) with a date and time for the first EndNote Web tutorial I'm offering, with promises of a Doodle poll to get good spring dates for those who cannot attend this one.

1:43pm - Emailed research consult on art therapy, children and violent episodes, and children's art for 9/11 for an ENG 478 student I saw in an info lit session last week

2:06pm - Emailed research consult on French Revolution images for an ENG 478 student I saw in an info lit session last week.

2:20pm - Marveled at my manic productivity, praised the power of prednisone, and decided to go ahead and record all of it for posterity as a day in the life post.

I'll be leaving at 3:00pm today, which is early compared to my 4/4:30pm departure most Fridays (my opening day - my weekday leaving time is usually 430/5pm). From now until I leave, I'll chip away at planning the ART 102 class I'm teaching next Tuesday night.

This was more of a paperwork/email/desk day than I usually have, and I missed getting outdoors for a breath of fresh air, but in terms of the to-do list, I'm pretty happy with it. After I leave I will be indulging in a giant vat of Mexican food with my husband, and some really terrible television that we have DVRed.

Things I did *not* get to today: write more on my article draft for Performance Measurement and Metrics, complete a research grant application, complete a full book proposal requested by my editor, complete my Immersion application essays. They'll have to wait until next week, since this weekend is dedicated to slogging through the last of Chapter 4 of the dissertation. (My Christmas gift to myself and my husband will be getting this monkey off my back. Do not come near me this weekend if you are burrito-less. I may bite.)

And this is a day in the life of the Information Literacy Coordinator at CSU Channel Islands. What does yours look like?


[…] where I am in the process both to other librarians and to other faculty.  But to contrast, at Warmaiden’s POW, they have “the 17″ –the new tenure track faculty from across disciplines […]

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