This Crazy Librarian Life

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind both personally and at work. Otto ze wunderhund is recovering well from surgery, I'm totally wiped from 3rd shift and a wickedly busy start to the semester, and classes. I just mailed out packet 4 of 5 for the 2nd semester of the MFA, the workshop I'm taking at UTC with Earl Braggs is going well so far, and the Lit Theory class I'm taking is warping my brain.

I've finally given in to the fact that working the third shift is not going to work for my life as it stands right now. The weekend of the 13th is my last working those godawful hours (though I got to meet some really great people). I'm looking forward to having my weekend time back to actually accomplish things instead of getting half-sleep in a personal twilight zone while the dog stomps angrily around the bed, tired of being ignored. (I am also pretty sure I went ahead and walked the dog without pants on the other day when he woke me up to go out, I was so wiped. Sincerest apologies to my neighbors.)

So, what's in the hopper right now? Internet Librarian is coming up and I need to get my butt in gear for those two presentations. I'm waiting back on a call for proposals I responded to for Urban Library Journal. I need to finish up some final things for the survey I'll be sending out for a paper I'm writing with my dean on how smaller colleges and universities deal with sabbaticals when librarian staffing is tight. We're full up on instruction this semester, so I'll be busy with teaching a bunch. The last MFA packet for the semester is due near the end of September. My MA classes will keep me busy until the 10-day MFA residency in November when I'll be in Louisville. I need to polish my poetry manuscript to send along to the editor who requested the full book. I need to get my butt back into the gym on a more regular basis than 3 or 4 times a week. I'm supposed to go white-water rafting with my personal trainer on the 28th.

I could use a vacation just to sort of take a mental breather, but that's not going to happen anytime soon (hoping to head home to NY to see Mom at the end of December, though). And so, with a great big glass of suck-it-up-atine, I move on about my bidness.

I think that about covers it.


zandria said…
Wow! Sounds like you stay pretty busy. I hope you make the right decision about that possible new job. :)

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