In the Win Column: Why I Do What I Do

Today I came home later than usual from work with my brain whirring with ideas, making notes about things to remember to send out to my department and to ask the Keepers of the Data. I absentmindedly microwaved and ate a quick dinner that tasted like a tired gym sock because I was busy churning at a Google doc of things to jump on tomorrow, or Friday, or next week, depending on the project.

I did NOT: stressbarf, bake and eat a stresscake, search for new jobs, or generally feel ill about my place in the world. I DID: get excited about my work, get focused on my users, think about the impact of upcoming work on my staff, think about connecting services in new ways, and become excited that I have smart, dedicated colleagues to share this experience with.

And tonight while discussing work with a close friend and fellow librarian, I had a striking moment of this is why I do what I do. Because I love it. Because I am *good* at it. Because given the right mix of colleagues, resources, and circumstances, I could never imagine doing anything else for a living.

Many people gave me the hairy eyeball when I decided to jump ship for this position, as my last three jobs have been for fewer than two years each. To them, I say:

"But, look. My road has taken me here. And can you see how happy I am? I can."

Sometimes, when you ask for ponies, you get them. You may, however, have to chase them a bit further than anticipated.


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