Thursday, July 15, 2010

Old Spice to Libraries: "Stop Throwing Pigeons. Jump on that Giraffe"

Taking hysterical advantage of Old Spice's invitation for twitter queries (capitalizing on their recent hit commercial), Andy Woodworth jumped on the internet meme, rallied the Library Twitterati, and asked the Old Spice guy to say something about libraries.

And don'tcha know...he did. And it is The Big Awesome.

It is impossible for me to see that video without laughing. Andy himself posts about the reaction to the video, about how it got tossed around the internet like a giant beach ball by librarians, library fans, amused writers, and any number of other folks.

It was fun to watch. It was fun to be included - it reminded me a lot of how we used to be able to send our names into the Romper Room show, and at the end, the lady would look into her magic mirror and names some kids she could see. It was always exciting to sit and hope she might say my name. This worked the same way - Old Spice certainly couldn't catch the tons of requests they received, but the fact that they worked so diligently - and quickly! - to respond personally was very fun to watch.

What are we doing that compares for our local communities?

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