Goodbye, Guardienne of the Tomes; Hello Eve of Instruction!

The blog isn't dying, it's just moving - you'll find me blogging about librarystuffs and other relevant information topics at Eve of Instruction from now on. I do hope you'll follow me over to my new Wordpress site and join the conversation.

Blogger has been a great (and super easy) way for me to blog, but changes both in my professional life and how I view librarianship have changed greatly since I started blogging as the Guardienne more than a decade ago. Starting out in Access Services, I was very much oriented towards the 'guardienne' idea of librarianship - keeping the building safe from dropped drinks, and materials safe from french-fried fingerprints. More than a decade into this career, I'm much more interested in greater access for everyone, in every way--chocolate shake drips be damned. So the title of 'guardienne' rubs me wrong nowadays.

I'm also interested in having a bit more control of my layout and information than I can usefully do with the free Blogger platform, so Wordpress makes sense for me right now. All blog posts from this blog have been ported over to the Eve of Instruction site, so in addition to this blog, which will lapse, you'll have access to all the oldies but goodies over on the new site as well.

Thank you to everyone who reads me, and I'll see you at a slightly different address!


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