Guardienne Update

Awright, folks. I am back from a week and a half in Louisville for the 'res' part of my low-res MFA program. Funnily (or horribly) enough, I actually missed MPOW. It's a busy summer, with the projects we've got going on (which include developing podcasts, building a plan for our instruction program to break into upper level courses, collection development, etc.), Annual coming up in a few weeks, and the book chapters I need to get written. Factor in all of my June weekends out of town (I just returned from a trip to Lexington to see my best pal), and, well, let's just say I'm really looking forward to July.

Random news from the Guardienne's world: June 3rd was my birthday, and I felt absolutely loved between my Twitterpals' wellwishes and all of the people writing on my Facebook wall. An Internet Librarian 2008 proposal put together by Cindi and involving myriad Twitterpals has actually been picked up as a preconference for Monterey in October, so we'll be getting together virtually after Annual to plan that out, since our original PechaKucha format won't work for a half-day preconference. Over the past week and a half I've written two of the three book chapters I need to get done, and I have two days of research leave this week to deal with the monster chapter that's hanging over my head.

I've got some posts percolating in my head that I plan to get up on here this weekend, pertaining to what we can all learn from the Republican Party's presidential election strategies (no, really, I promise, there's some good stuff) and some thoughts on chasing the gold ring of tenure. I've also been pondering questions of leadership that Rudy brings up here, and may decide to blog my opinions for the world to see (once I double check to make sure they're kosher enough to not lose me my job). Just wanted to let you all know that the blog isn't dead, just on a mini hiatus while I put out some deadline fires. Hopefully I should have something up for you to chew on within the next few days.


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