Initial Report from Anaheim

Plane got in over an hour late, so it was 10:34pm (Pacific) before I even got onto my shuttle. *yawn* The poor guy next to me on the plane was concerned about my fidgetyness - so was I, since sitting on planes all day had me feeling like I was going to birth a full grown alien from my lower back. Hotel is fine, but my roomie's flight was cancelled, so she won't be in until tomorrow. I was pleasantly surprised to find a fridge in the room (because I drink about 6 bottles of water a day, and imagine this won't change much in the Anaheim heat). I just traipsed over to the gas station and paid $12.43 for a 24-pack of Dasani bottled water. (And that only because the Aquafina 24-pack was going to set me back - I shit you not - $30). Good lord. Guess who has two thumbs and will be taking advantage of the free breakfast at the hotel daily? You can't see it, but I'm pointing to myself. Vehemently.

On the bright side, I'm here, my luggage was not lost, and as the first roomie to arrive, I can set the AC as cold as I want it (which is frigid). I am unpacked, cooling down slowly but surely, and I may now be broke, but I'm hydrated. A little bitter that I left my perfectly good banana in the shuttle, but maybe I'll find some at breakfast tomorrow before the Business Librarianship 101 preconference.

Ah, sidenote. Given the humidity, my failure to remember to pack my gray slacks is going to be a PITA, because there is no way I'm going to be able to traipse around in this heat/humidity in the skirt I had planned for my poster session and my thighs not cause me to spontaneously combust. So if you see someone looking slightly casual for that bit, it's moi.

If you didn't see it the first time, my ALA schedule is here.


Drew said…
I hope you have a great time at the conference!

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