Update on Plagiarizing Professor at Columbia

Remember Madonna Constantine, the Columbia professor who committed egregious plagiarism who then accused others of plagiarizing her? (You can read my original disgust with her and her manufactured situation here.) Well, it looks like Columbia finally cowboyed up and decided they should terminate her butt, effective December 2008, according to The Columbia Spectator.

About danged time. It's nice to see academia finally getting around to purging one of the undesirables. And by "undesirable" I mean a plagiarizing liar who sullied the name of her profession, her department, and her university before someone finally made the decision to boot her.

Constantine of course has the last resort of filing an appeal, and she'll likely sue for defamation of character or whatever, since that seems to be the thing to do once people publicly announce that you are, indeed, of poor character. Still, nice to see that this one didn't stay under the rug for the rest of time.


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