Internet Librarian 2008 FTW!

Squee! (That is my 'excited' sound for the internet world.) I just got a confirmation email that another proposal got picked up for Internet Librarian 2008. My Twitterpal Rudy and I have been confirmed on the Learning Track about reaching underskilled users (which jives nicely with the book chapter I just put together on the continued presence of the digital divide).

The details, for those who are planning on Internet Librarian-ing in Monterey:

Tuesday, October 21

11:30 – 12:15 RoomC202

2.0 Learning & 1.8 Users: Bridging the Gap

Rudy Leon, Instruction & Collection Development Librarian, SUNY Potsdam

Colleen Harris, Reference and Instruction Librarian, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

For many instruction librarians, the challenge of Library 2.0 isn’t the technology, it's the users. Despite the extreme 2.0 savvy attributed to the Millennials in the buzz that dominated early 2.0 reports, the media is finally catching up to what many instruction librarians have known all along: The Google Generation may need some help moving from passive consumer to active participant in the read/write web. Join two academic library instruction librarians for a discussion of challenges in and suggestions for bringing students, professors, librarians, and IT staff onto page 2.0 and why doing so is an important first step in bringing about Library 2.0 services and technologies our communities can embrace.

That write-up is courtesy of Rudy, who put together a lovely proposal. Looks like we'll have to have our presentation in by August 15th-ish for inclusion in the proceedings. Still, nothing like the oogtastic deadlines I've been up against, so that's fine.

And for those of you who have been suffering through my minor meltdown via Twitter, I know, I know I've had too much on my plate. But IL isn't until October, and I'll be re-ready to take over the world by then, I swear. Heck, I'll be re-ready for that come mid-July once I've washed the smoke from ALA from my hair. *grin*

**Whoops! An addition to the original blog post, here. I'll also be in on one of the preconferences for IL08, along with Rudy, Jezmynne, Kenley, Kate, Laura, Cindi, & Courtney! (Sorry, Courtney, my bad for leaving you off the list....I'm a wee bit senile


Courtney F said…
Me, you forgot me! ;)
warmaiden said…
My bad, Courtney! You're on there now :) I knew there was another "C" involved
Courtney F said…
no problem! :) There's a lot of us to keep track of :)

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