I Get By With a Little Help From My Friend(feeder)s

Dear Wonderful People,

Last night immediately after posting the plea for folks to help out for Otto's surgery to help with his bilateral entropion, you all seriously blew my socks off. I have never, ever seen such an outpouring of generosity, and I can hardly believe that you would do it for my pup & I. Most of you who have donated, I've never met in person, but I affectionately refer to you as my "invisible internet friends." You made yourself extremely visible.

The donation total are at $900 and counting.

Nine hundred dollars.

Please forgive the epithet, but I am reduced to my father's blue collar way of showing affection, reduced to tears and repeating "You fuckin' people" over and over. (Note that this was the highest form of "thank you" in my house, when "thank you" just wouldn't do.) I spent last night bawling my eyes out because of your generosity, and because my two-year old bassetboy will not be going blind anytime soon.

I could go on, I suppose, about how Friendfeed is a great social networking tool - some of the folks who have donated aren't followers of mine (or followed by me), but heard from a friend of a friendfeed. I just don't have it in me right now. I am all full up with gratitude for the generosity of friends and, if not strangers, then benevolent intarweb acquiantances.

I dropped off Otto in the wee hours of the morning at the vet (after many bellyrubs and morning hugs). He is currently being prepped for his surgery, and I'll get to bring him home tomorrow. The reason I will get to bring him home instead of being in prison for robbing a bank is all because of you. I cannot thank you enough for all of your help.

A note: I'll be removing the Paypal button once we get to within a few hundred bucks of the total so that there's no overage. The donation that will be made to the ASPCA will be the total of what's collected, and will be made in the name "Friends of Otto." I'll make sure you guys know when that's done, as well.

My pupster means the world to me, and I would have been devastated if I hadn't been able to give him this surgery - he's only 2 years old, and too young to go blind. You all have given me the greatest gift ever, and I appreciate your friendship. We now return to your regularly scheduled program of Colleen weeping in gratitude at her desk.

All of my love to all of you,



Jenica said…
We're moving this week, nnd my husband's between paychecks due to a job change, so we're pretty cash-strapped, but I thought, "I can spare $10, even if it's just to cheer someone up. The gesture alone should be worth a smile, and maybe enough of us will step up with a little money to make a difference."

$900 is amazing, and represents a lot of small gestures, and probably a few big ones. Aside from being pleased that you're able to help your buddy the way you wish to, I'm thrilled to know that people are still willing to help each other. Even virtual strangers. Human generosity is one of the things that keeps me hopeful for the future, and these are the things that make that hope real for me.
Colleen said…
@jenica - thank you *so* much! I've been amazed - these are the toughest times we've seen in a long time, and I know I'm not the only one working close to the bone budget-wise. The fact that you and everyone else dug in to help - at *any* amount, including thoughts and prayers - staggers me. Just when I get to thinking that maybe the world is a wee bit crappy, something like this happens and restores my faith that we can accomplish great things.

I know that fixing up one dog may not measure as 'accomplishing great things' to a lot of people, but it means the world to me.
Laura said…
Gosh, Jenica pretty much just said it all. Otto is my favorite online basset hound (heck, probably my favorite basset hound, period), and I'm so glad I'm able to help him--and you--out, even if only just a little.
JMS said…
This is incredible! And I'm glad that Otto is going to get better. Plus, other animals will be helped out, so all around it's an epic WIN!
Joshua M. Neff said…
My online library friends have been such a huge help while Julie and I have been dealing with her medical woes, the least we could do is help you out with your baby. It makes our hearts glad to know Otto (and you) will be OK.
Megan said…
What Jenica, laura, JMS, and Joshua said.

So glad the surgery went well and that you'll be reunited with your stubby-legged, big-hearted, long-eared, goofy basset boy tonight.
Allison said…
This guy is happy Otto will be well: http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2094/2524502209_2ca3f39a62.jpg?v=0

Go ahead, click for a smile!
ha3rvey said…
Colleen, I could only spare a little bit while waiting for my first paycheck from the new job, but I hope it helps. I don't have a pet of my own now since our condo has crazy rules about them, so your story really touched me. Best wishes.
Colleen said…
You are all so wonderful :) I have pics of the recovering Otto. Ha3rvey - thank you so much, it means a lot to me :)
Anonymous said…
I love dogs. so i hope otto gets sugery.

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