One Year Anni-librarian-versary

Today marks my one year anniversary an an official professional librarian. I started working here at UTC on August 6th of 2007, and it has been quite the whirlwind of a year. I am surprised at the "year" marker - mostly because it both feels like I haven't been here that long, and that I've been here forever.

Let's do a mini-catalog of what I've accomplished since getting here:

  • Had small article published in InfoCareerTrends;
  • Had over 14 book reviews published;
  • Peer-reviewed two book chapters;
  • Peer-reviewed three articles;
  • Elected to 2-year term on the University's Faculty Senate;
  • Joined 2 ALA RUSA committees;
  • Won a $1000 professional development grant from the University;
  • Had poster session at ALA Annual;
  • Wrote 3 book chapters (all still pending publication);
  • Scheduled to co-speak at a preconference and a regular session at Internet Librarian in October;
  • Expecting to have co-written conference proceedings paper published for IL08;
  • Completed 2 semesters (32 hours) of MFA work;
  • Completed 6 hours of MA work;
  • published more than 15 poems in literary journals (not really librarian related, but not bad for a 12 month span).

Learning how to be a better teacher and librarian goes on this list, of course, since I work with some really great and talented people. I've jumped into social networking - a year ago, I wasn't on Twitter, Friendfeed, and barely had a presence on MySpace and Facebook. I now semi-regularly post to two different blogs (this one and my other one, can use a wiki pretty handily when necessary, and have made quite the cadre of libraryworld pals that I've never actually met in person, but contribute enormously to my life as a support system and stress reliever (I'm looking @ you, Chadwick!).

I've learned a great deal about teamwork and *gasp* effective committee work from my colleagues here at Lupton Library. (Note: I found this so surprising that it nearly always comes up in conversation if you ask me about my workplace.) I've learned how pleasant a healthy workplace environment can be when everyone has the same goal and a boss who backs them up to the highest levels.

I'll admit, all of this feels sort of puny, since I know there are folks out there (and right here in my own library - lookin' @ you, Griffey) who are writing books and heavily researched articles, who get speaking gigs across the country, and are going like gangbusters implementing the newshinyfangled stuff. But I'm very happy. I like my people. I like my place in things. I think there's a lot of good work to be done at this University to help students and faculty, and I'm pleased I can be a part of that improvement. I don't want to be a Rock Star Librarian so much, but I do want to be able to say that my contribution is worth something, and I want to be able to say, when the time comes, that I have earned tenure. I think this was a decent enough start at it.

So yay, anniversary. And a big shout-out to my colleagues who not only hired me, but make this a job that i actually enjoy coming to every day. You guys, you're the best. Group hug?


Courtney S said…
Puny? Your list makes me feel pretty puny! :) Congrats on your anniversary, and congrats on finding such a great place to work for that first (of many, I'm sure) year!
amy said…
i need a nap after reading your list of accomplishments!
beers for you at IL08.
Colleen said…
Thanks, guys! @amy - yay, beer!
David said…
Brandi Tuttle said…
Oh, I and your list are definitely impressive. Don't despair. While I may think you are doing a lot, you need to do what you can and want to do in all your various adventures. So good luck finding your stride.

IMHO your first year kicks ass! You go girl!! Cheers!!!
Royce said…
Bunheadky said…
I weep with mentor pride.
Colleen said…
@royce - I know, I was kind of hoping to have a book-in-progress by now...

@bunheadky - it's true, I owe it all to you, man. Beer's on me when I come to town next :)
Jason said…
Congratulations! They're lucky to have you.
Anna said…
You've done more in one year than I've done in seven. Give yourself some time and you'll be up there with the rockstar librarians. You're almost there already!
Allison said…
Pshaw with the false modesty. You know you're a great librarian.

Seeing you post this made me realize that this week marks four years of devoting myself to professional public relations and general promotion of university goodness.

Hurrah, I think.

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