Quote of the Day

I have to share this as quote-slash-conversation-piece of the day, because it made me snort my water. Chatting with my good pal PinkandChocolateBrown, she came out with this gem (which is one of the many many reasons I love her):

"so first day of public school here"

"kids are back where they belong, locked up"

Bwahahahaha. Yes, this is what years of service in academia do to a person. There are also mitigating factors, like getting older and crochetier as we watch parents not discipline their own crotchfruit, and remembering the good old days of beating misbehaving children and telling them to get jobs in mines. But school is an okay alternative, I guess.

Thank God for all of the teachers out there willing to put up with little kids. I, dear, underappreciated friends, salute you.

But please do not go about letting them out early, mkay?.



Jason said…
I knew I liked you for a reason.
Allison said…
*Takes a bow*
Thank you, thank you very much.

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