Internet Librarian 2010: Beyond 23 Things

By Louise Alcorn, Christa Burns, and Jennifer koebern.

Louise: lessons learned from trying to produce such a program. Preview to failures track, heh heh. Original 23 things was Charlotte mecklenberg county libraries was a self directed learning experiential program for staff on web 2.0 stuff. Ther have been undress of iterations in several languages in all TypEs and sizes of libraries. Why? Encourage staff to explore web 2.0 to provide staff with tools and help support patron needs in ann experiential way, with rewards. Scale is important for places with large geo area and small clusters of populations sheer you cant get everyone tougher. Need to scale it and make it virtual for training for small libraries. Staff time; for training and webinar need to shut down library, so you need buy in from admin.

No statewide program in Iowa, but Weezy has been teaching across the state, training trainers. But difficulty is finding out if it was of Ny real use to anyone, there's no good feedback loop. weezy's example in her own library, no incentives except continuing ed program, ended up nagging, no motivation for folks to continue working on it. Check back in withh them Quickly after assignment given.

Regional attempt by Bonnie McKewon for NWILSA, pup platter of web 2.0. Did online but had homework that they had to send back to get continuing Ed credit. What worked? Attendance was 30 participants, mNy return users. Range of topics and instructors so not same voice or topic over again. Compulsive about dress rehearsals, dedicated Doberman connect room, a dedicated google web page, chat pods. Did not want to make asynchronous though so folks would be engaged instead of just clicking through. Homework was required, had to be turned in before could get credit for the course. What didn't work? Marketing, needed to do more ongoingarketing for long term programs that doesn't feel like nagging. Need positive PR approach. Reluctance of participants to get headset with. Ike for full participation. Surveys were a good measure of what folks thought but didn't use them for followup and planning future classes, which should be done. Buy in needed at every level, supervisors need to do marketing and PR part, put in job performance. Make it relevant to their work and lives.

Christa Burns: Statewide program in nebraska library commission back in 2008 for 9 weeks with voluntary participation. 36% finished, enticed sit drawing for mp3 players. Self sported with doubkecheck by program admin. Went statewide in october 2008, open to all Nebraska library staff. 23 things in 16 weeks. Lots of blogging and communication. 4 staff communicated to run the program, required a lot of coordination, and fifty percent completed it. Twenty percent completion is average for such program. They think it was because of the many ce credits offered. What next? A lot of folks mentioned they wished they could continue, so they looked around and found many built a second 23 things. Statistics demonstrate that because of failing to promote, folks didn't join after the initial start of the program. Blogs, Twitter, facebook, mailing l ist, and trainers also participated to promote. Promotion demonstrates new blogs created..
Rogram. Instead, they did an ongoing 23 things, may 2009 through now. One thing per month, rotated among the four staff.


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