Access Services 2010: Welcome Address and Keynote

By Dr. Nan H. Seamans, Dean of Libraries, Georgia State University.

Welcome to Atlanta. Why is Dean here to welcome us? From Georgia State University. Brand new football team, go Panthers! On Nov 18th playing Alabama, cheer for them as they get slaughtered. GSU very diverse campus, reflects student enrollments nationally more than anywhere else in the US. Has the best library learning space in the southeast. Vibrant, new, renovated three years ago. Copyright lawsuit involving GSU. Sued by camp bridge, oxford, and Sage, in litigation, they cant talk about it. Outcome of this case will affect what all of you do with ereserves.

Thank the four organizers! Dean has lived in Atlanta for 2.5 years. Peachtree - there are many of them! Thirtyfour peach trees. Sometimes intersect, sometimes connect. Streets change name as you're driving along. Goal that you have to. Get to lightbefore anyone else, very NASCAR. Welcome to 2010 Access Services conference, second annual. As you look at the program sessions, also discuss things in the halls. Serendipitous conversations, have in the back of your mind that library life as we know it is ending. Last week was the Charleston inference, looking at the report, two things: keynote by rick Anderson from mUtah, and other was conversation of attendees. rick from Univ of Utah was talking about changes in acquisitions processes, ebooks, print on demand, how different things will be. She reads paragraph from Library Journal: called into question interlibrary loan, distributed cataloging, big package subscriptions, outmoded by technology services, no longer serve the needs of current librarians. Example was clunky nature of docdelivery and interlibrary loan. We probably don't disagree with this, the innovations were thirty years ago but we are still living with legacy processes. This is the kind of conference where you have the opportunity to rethink those sort of things. Other thing she heard a lot about was the preponderance of sessions on PDA, not punily display of affection, but patron driven acquisitions. Think this is one of the ways we will retain our relevance as we serve our populations.

If we're going to be elegant, we need to think about these things. Struck by the different ways we talk about access, and how user centric things were. Points out commitment to providing high quality services, innovation, continuous learning, effective training, assessment, collaboration, technology as tools for access and service, well informed about legality of actions, and anytime anywhere support for users. She affirms that as we look ahead, it's not that users don't need us, just that they. Eed us differently. Need to focus on service provision, what users want and how to support, how to reinvent reserves, rethink ILL to make it not clunky, efficiencies in stacks management. What should we be doing to reinvent ourselves? Commend for variety of topics, there is collective wisdom in this room that can solve lots of problems. Brainstorm, innovate. We will occasionally fail and have to. Start over, but we are on the cusp of something exciting and we have opportunity to lead the way. Take advantage of these two days. Invitation: four stop Marta ride away, come. Visit georgia state. Let the wild rumpus begin!


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