These Terrible Sacraments is Available!

Most of the blog lately has been my notes on library conference sessions. Outside of libraryland, though, occasionally I accomplish other things important to me on a personal level. Making that list this month is that my latest book of poetry, These Terrible Sacraments, is finally in print and available for order from the publisher's online bookstore. (For the record, it is the same press that published my first book of poems, God in my Throat.

For my first book, I was excited simply to get my work published. This time, though, I'm excited for all different reasons. The book is dedicated to my brother, Patrick, who served with the U.S. Marine Corps in the 3rd Battalion 3rd Marines with tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. Some of the stories in these poems are his. Some are mine. The poems are written from the perspective of our loved ones serving overseas, as well as from the points of view of those of us who remain home to wait and pray.

It was a difficult collection to write, dredging back up fear and horror as well as tenderness and hope. I hope all of those who decide to read it, enjoy it.


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